Before traveling to the beach, read the Current Beach Status.


Use the Google Map for directions to the Bates Road exit of the Ventrua Freeway (101) and follow signs toward the ocean.

  1. There are three forks in the road here: The one to the left takes you to the clothed beach on the Ventura side known as South Rincon Beach. The one in the middle leads to a gated community of homes for residents only. The one on the right takes you up a ramp to a parking lot on the Santa Barbara side, and this is Bates (North Rincon) Beach.
  2. Take the ramp down to the beach and walk west about 1500 yards to beyond the concrete seawall. This is the beginning of the traditionally-nude section of the beach.

After You Arrive

Remove your bathing suit at your own risk. The farther west you go on the beach, the less chance you will have of conflict with others using the beach. Local law enforcement will respond to complaints of lewd conduct on the beach so be sure that you are not intending to be shocking or erotic.

On activity days, Friends of Bates Beach will place a sign informing others that the beach is considered clothing-optional beyond that point. Please place your blanket and gear beyond that sign, and near the concreate seawall. Tickets can be given if nudists wander east of that boundary.