$2 Bill Campaign

Support, Outreach and $2 Bills

Several years ago, FOBB members walked the Linden Avenue and Carpinteria Blvd business districts and talked to the local merchants about Bates Beach. We were surprised how many fondly remembered the beach and quite a few confessed they used to visit there. All were concerned about the rising crime rate there.

It seems quite obvious that the business interests in Carpinteria not only had no objection to a nearby nude beach but would welcome the additional business that they would provide.

The next summer FOBB launched its first $2 Bill Campaign, where Friends of Bates Beach supporters made a special effort to buy meals and merchandise in Carpinteria. We paid for all purchases using $2 bills. Since this currency is not often used, it singled us out and as the bills started being passed around town, it demonstrated the purchasing power of those in support of bringing the beach back.

We left a calling card (see below) with each purchase.

We went door-to-door through the business district asking if we could distribute coupons for their stores with our literature to Bates beachgoers. Many gave us special discounts so they could track how many customers actually came in off the beach. We did this free of charge to the merchants: we printed the coupons and distributed them ourselves. The feedback we got was that the merchants were very pleased with the added business. We had proved that getting people to Bates beach was going to help boost the local economy!

That same year, Friends of Bates Beach joined the Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce so we could spend more time with the business leaders and convince them that Bates Beach was good business.

FOBB hosted a successful Business Mixer for the Chamber in the Pavilion area above Bates Beach. Another Chamber mixer was held there and a second just recently. The ocean scenery creates a great environment to meet our community leaders and discuss our plans.