After Twenty Years, Nude Volleyball Is Back at Bates Beach!

The first weekend picnic day on June 11 went really well for the 20-30 people who attended. It was nice to see some new people come down to the beach, see us, and decide to join our area.

While it was typical June beach weather - it was overcast most of the day with the sun barely breaking through in the late afternoon.

Meanwhile, several people broke out the new volleyball equipment donated by Joe H. The section of beach between us and the walking ramp to the east was very underpopulated on this day, so the players played nude as it quickly became obvious that nobody on the beach around us cared if we were nude or not. Afterward, a few tossed a Frisbee back and forth. Bates definitely has returned to its former “live-and-let-live” pre-Covid attitude!

Ours was a really nice and friendly crowd. People also shared food and water with others on nearby blankets. A feeling of community is taking hold at Bates once again!

The Weekend picnic schedule for 2022 is Sunday, July 10, Sunday, August 20, and Saturday, September 17