Tar on feet

Rocks, Tar, And Less Sand Cause Bates Beachgoers To Move Farther West

September 3, 2022 - Because there has been so much sand erosion at the place our clothing-optional area begins, many are moving farther west, about 50 yards or so to use a smoother stretch of sand with no rocks.

The lack of a large winter storm last year caused the ocean currents to shift slightly and so there was less sand deposited onto the beach this spring. People have remarked that Bates has been considerably narrower than in previous years and this lack of sand has exposed many rocks that usually stay buried beneath. A few beachgoers have complained of stubbed toes and even a cut or two trying to enjoy our normal place near the concrete rockslide.

A few people have also complained of tar balls in the sand and sticking to their feet while walking. This is also unusual for Bates as the current from the natural seepage up the coast near the State Beach has come onshore at Bates instead of being carried out to sea. (No, this is not oil from the decommissioned oil platforms a mile offshore).

FOBB is recommending everyone move farther west for the next few weeks or until we see a change back to the winter currents that will deposit more sand and solve the problem naturally.

[Note: To remove the tar, some people mix a baking soda paste while others use nail polish remover or WD-40. Goo Gone, a solvent available at most drug stores, also works. One FOBB members always wears an old pair of socks while near the waterline.]

Mid-Week Beach Visits Expands to Tuesdays and Thursdays

By popular demand (and great weather), we have added an additional weekday to visit Bates Beach as a group. Effective immediately, we will have our team there on both Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at noon. These trips will continue through the summer. These mid-week picnics allow us to enjoy the beach when there are fewer people around, and they supplement with larger planned events once a month on Saturdays when we invite all the other local clubs to join us. Join us from noon to about 6 pm at our designated clothing-optional location on the beach: Look for the blue sign where our group is sitting.

• July 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28

• August 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25

• Sept 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

After Twenty Years, Nude Volleyball Is Back at Bates Beach!

The first weekend picnic day on June 11 went really well for the 20-30 people who attended. It was nice to see some new people come down to the beach, see us, and decide to join our area.

While it was typical June beach weather - it was overcast most of the day with the sun barely breaking through in the late afternoon.

Meanwhile, several people broke out the new volleyball equipment donated by Joe H. The section of beach between us and the walking ramp to the east was very underpopulated on this day, so the players played nude as it quickly became obvious that nobody on the beach around us cared if we were nude or not. Afterward, a few tossed a Frisbee back and forth. Bates definitely has returned to its former “live-and-let-live” pre-Covid attitude!

Ours was a really nice and friendly crowd. People also shared food and water with others on nearby blankets. A feeling of community is taking hold at Bates once again!

The Weekend picnic schedule for 2022 is Sunday, July 10, Sunday, August 20, and Saturday, September 17

FOBB Gets New Phone Number: (805) 225-3304

For the past few years, we have used the personal cell phone number of one of our members to act as the Bates Beach club line. We have grown to where that is no longer appropriate. So, we have arranged to have a specific phone number devoted only to Friends of Bates Beach business, and that number is: (805) 225-3304.

This number will be used from now on for members and non-members who need directions or who want other information about our organization. The email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. remains in place for all inquiries that may require a text reply or attachments such as documents or photos.

Club Members Are Receiving Our “Bates Beach Beat” Monthly Newsletter!

This is for paid members only - $10 annual dues will get you on the subscription list. Our monthly newsletter had its first issue in March and has expanded to a mail list of over 250 as of July 1. . Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to place our privileged beach agreement into its proper context and with the hope you will use this knowledge to volunteer to help us in some way to keep the beach’s family-friendly ambiance. See the Home Page for the link to join our group. All first-time Meetup guests will receive a complimentary 2-month subscription only.

Dues Reminder

We remind our members who want to support our efforts that we are now asking for a voluntary $10 annual dues to help support the beach organization. You can pay via credit card or PayPal on the home page of our website at www.friendsofbatesbeach.org. Checks payable to Friends of Bates Beach are also accepted and can be mailed to:

Friends of Bates Beach
1072 Casitas Pass Road #427, Carpinteria CA 93013